Canadian Teachers’ Union: Let’s Call Students ‘Comrades’ and Stage Drag Shows in School


A new guide to support teachers in Canada with LGBTQ discussions is being attacked for suggesting staging drag shows in school and addressing students as “comrade” instead of boys and girls.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), Alberta’s teachers’ union, has released a 150-page document called “Prism Toolkit for Safe and Caring Discussions.” It aims to assist teachers in creating LGBTQ-inclusive classrooms and curricula, according to CBC news.

The toolkit recommends an activity titled “Drag 101” for cosmetology and drama students, in which local drag queens would be invited to schools to teach makeup techniques and organize drag performances for the school.

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Pope Rules Out Women’s Ordination Forever


Pope Francis has ruled out women’s ordination, saying the “last word” on the question was delivered by St. John Paul II and that no changes are foreseen.

Francis was asked en route home Tuesday from Sweden, where the Lutheran church is headed by a woman, if the Catholic Church might ordain women priests.

Francis said: “The last word was clear and was given by St. John Paul II and this remains. This remains.”

John Paul ruled out female ordination in his 1994 apostolic letter “Priestly Ordination.” In the document, John Paul declared that “the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”

Why Christians must vote in this election


I hear the lament often from conservative Christians as I travel the country: “How can I vote for either of these candidates with a clear conscience?”

Increasingly, many Christians are choosing the stay-at-home option (or throw away their vote with a write-in candidate option) as a way to maintain their integrity.

Frankly,  I understand the appeal of such a choice. Not voting allows Christians to avoid both having to make a difficult choice  or defending  an unpopular choice to disapproving friends or family members. And let’s face it, playing the “conscience card”  allows someone to feel  holier than other Christians who sully themselves by getting involved in the political process.

However, I believe there are three reasons why not voting is not an option for truly conscientious Christians:

1. Voting is a God-given privilege and responsibility.

2. Voting Is A Primary Way For Christians To Stop Evil.

3. Voting is about endorsing policies, not personalities.

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