Man Who Identifies as Woman Sentenced to Prison for Recording Women in Target Fitting Room


Sean “Shauna” Smith made national headlines when he was arrested last July for felony video voyeurism after he recorded an 18-year-old woman undressing in one of Target’s changing rooms.

The case drew attention because four months earlier Target had allowed transgender customers to use the restroom or dressing room aligning with their self-declared “gender identity.” Smith, 43, took advantage of the situation to make videos that he told the court were “sexually gratifying” to him.

According to Post Register,

Smith filmed the 18-year-old victim as she was trying on swimsuits July 11 at the Target store in Ammon. The victim’s mother confronted Smith after she was discovered filming the victim. Smith fled on foot, reportedly wearing a blonde wig and dress. Smith later was arrested after Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office deputies gathered surveillance video, interviewed witnesses and talked with Smith.

The victim told the court, “I never thought this would happen. I always supported the transgender community, but I felt a little betrayed,” adding that she lives in a “permanent state of anxiety” and remains terrified of public restrooms and dressing rooms for fear that someone will invade her privacy again.

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Study Warns About Second Hand Marijuana Smoke Around Children

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Dr. Karen Wilson, the Division Chief of General Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital, recently finished authoring a study showing that children absorb chemicals from secondhand marijuana smoke.

According to this article on, this study looked at children, ages 1 month to 2 years, who were hospitalized for bronchiolitis. They all lived in Colorado, a state where recreational marijuana is legal, and their urine samples were sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a screening that detects low levels of marijuana metabolites.

Unsurprisingly, 75 percent of the children whose caregivers indicated they’d been in a home where they’d been exposed to cannabis had traces of marijuana in their urine.

Wilson concluded that “There is a strong association between those who said there was someone in the home who used marijuana or a caretaker who used marijuana and the child having detectable marijuana levels.”

“Our hypothesis is that it is not good for kids,” she says.

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The ‘most transparent’ president in history issues record number of ‘midnight’ regulations

President Barack Obama boards Marine One at the Wall Street Landing zone for departure en route to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, N.Y., June 17, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
President Barack Obama boards Marine One at the Wall Street Landing zone for departure en route to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, N.Y., June 17, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Obama has issued 145 “midnight” regulations with a cost of more than $21 billion since the election of Donald Trump, the most by a lame-duck president in a generation, a study has found.

The conservative American Action Forum said Thursday that Mr. Obama’s rules, issued from Nov. 8 through Dec. 31 of last year, include 31 “economically significant” regulations with a cost of at least $100 million each.

“The administration has published more than 21 million hours of final federal paperwork requirements since November 8,” said Sam Batkins, AAF’s director of regulatory policy. “At the current pace, the Obama administration is going to be the most active ‘midnight’ (period from Election Day to Inauguration Day) regulator in more than a generation.”

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Ellen Degeneres nixes Kim Burrell’s performance after singer’s anti-gay sermon

Ellen Degeneres won’t allow Kim Burrell to appear on her talk show after the gospel singer refused to apologize for a sermon in which she referred to gays and lesbians as “perverted.”

A tape of Burrell preaching at Houston’s Love & Liberty Fellowship Church was circulated online last week stirring up controversy.

In the video, Burrell is heard saying, “That perverted homosexual spirit is a spirit of delusion and confusion and has deceived many men and women, and it has caused a strain on the body of Christ.”

Burrell addressed her remarks in a Facebook live video.

“We’re not in a war against flesh and blood. I came on because I care about God’s creation and every person from the LGBT and anything else, any other kind of thing that is supporting gay… I never said LGBT last night. I said S-I-N and whatever else falls in the sin was preached.”

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